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Bargaining Updates

Bargaining Update 5

March 20th, 2018

Bargaining Update 5

Hello AMU Members,

AMU’s negotiations with GDPSC for 2018-19 and beyond have reached a critical juncture. GDPSC put forth a meek proposal today that continues to assert that teachers and counselors should receive less money. They continue to argue that the 3% additional salary we received this year is not ours next year. Less money for teachers and counselors, but more revenue from the state of California and seven-figure savings in benefits next year—this does not add up. Our Bargaining Committee refused and will continue to refuse to give up compensation for our members that GDPSC knows is rightfully ours.


AMU received the GDPSC counterproposal that included the following:

Losing the 3% off-schedule salary increase and replacing it with a 1.5% on-schedule salary increase.  
Extending the step and column for only member in column 6. 
Combined, this is an increase of 0.2% from their previous offer. 
The GDPSC counterproposal would still create a decrease in compensation from what members receive this year in comparison to what they could expect next year with the 3%.   


We have streamlined grievance procedures to to bring the procedure in line with best practice, which includes:

Having the Level 2 grievance be heard by the Chief Academic Officer

Having the grievance mediation step come ahead of the Board hearing to find solutions before a Board decision binding to GDPSC is put forth

Catastrophic Leave: 

We have reached a conceptual agreement to codify a practice which as been going on outside of the contract. We have agreed to:

Create a Leave Donation Bank where members can request leave days upon exhausting their own

Codify the practice of member-to-member donations for leaves other than child bearing/rearing

Special Education:

GDPSC does not believe that one teacher to 18 students in an Intellectually Disabled class merits explicit contract language when the adult to student ratio is 3 to 1.


AMU and GDPSC will be negotiating again on Monday, April 16th, 2018.  At that meeting we expect to continue to discuss all open articles.

As always, please e-mail me at if you have any questions or concerns.


Ben West

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