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September 6th, 2017

Come out in support of undocumented students and families!

Trump’s campaign and subsequent election, making good on his word to end

DACA and implementing mass deportations has filled our students and their families with fear and anxiety.

We have also seen incidents across the nation where this political climate has given many a green light to threaten, bully and intimidate the most vulnerable in our society.

As educators and organized labor, we are called to protect those segments in our population, provide safe spaces, and actively defend the rights of the communities we serve. One of the simplest ways we can support our undocumented students and their families is to let them know we stand with them and stand with DACA!

AMU has joined United We Dream's campaign to COME OUT in support of the undocumented communities we serve so they know the adults in their lives entrusted with their education and success are there to not just protect them, but defend them, and fight against any attacks they may face.

Here, you can download various signs (provided by United We Dream) you can print, share, fill out, and COME OUT in support of undocumented youth and DACA. Join educators across the nation coming out in support of our undocumented communities by making your stance public on all social media platforms with the following hashtags:



Afterwards, hang up these signs in your classroom! Let the physical space where our children learn, communicate that they are safe. Underline that by declaring your room a sanctuary classroom! AMU has created a sign to help you with that, and it is also attached.


Lastly, share crucial resources with students and families in need. On this page you can download an English/Spanish flyer detailing our community's right should ICE come to their doors, for those who may be at risk of deportation. Also on this page is a list of California organizations and legal firms providing low-cost and free legal services. 


Check out members of our organization who have already come out in support of undocumented communities and have declared their classroom sanctuaries for our most vulnerable on our Instagram and Facebook.


Tag your pics so we can feature you as well!


Last year, AMU successfully drafted and passed a resolution with the GDPSC board that declared GDPSC a sanctuary district by taking the following steps:


  • Ensuring young people be granted favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion, and

  • That law enforcement honor the policy not to involve schools and other sensitive locations, and

  • That principals and school staff be encouraged to work with and support families and students who express concern about immigration enforcement actions at school, including students who may not be attending school because of such concerns.

  • That ICE actions in our local community be suspended, and currently detained Los Angeles youth be released to their families,

  • That all Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers wishing to come onto school property, for any reason, first obtain clearance from our CEO,

  • That school administrators shall immediately inform parents if ICE makes contact with their children,

Help Build our Wall of Support for DACA and Undocumented Communities!

Are you an #AMUEducatorOut for undocumented students and families?

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