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About us


Robustly democratic

Every decision made by AMU is driven directly by YOU, the membership! Whether its through feedback surveys, in-person meetings, or through elected representatives, AMU policies and stances are set by YOU. No changes are made to our contract without your approval, and nothing is signed and enacted by your AMU executive board without the approval of your site representatives.

Your Site Representatives

Every school elects a site representative for a two year term, who aside from being YOUR voice at our Site Representative Council, is the direct link between you and AMU. Your site rep is your first point of contact whenever you should have a question or concern regarding your rights as an AMU member.

Whether your site rep is an AMU veteran or new to advocacy, AMU hosts a training retreat every begining of the year to ensure our reps feel confident in protecting your rights as a professional.


Our site reps also receive continual training on a monthly basis to effectively handle challenges as the year progresses, as well as working towards strengthening our Union.

Your Executive Board

Your executive board is made up of its President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary who administer and execute AMU business and the will of our governing body, the Site Representative Council. 

Each executive board member is elected for a two year term, only one of which, the Presdient, is on full-time leave from the classroom to administer AMU business day to day.

Your Site Representative Council

Each school in our organization is entitled to proportional representation within the Site Representative Council, the policy making and governing body of AMU. Each school is entitled to 1 seat at the Site Representative Council for every fourteen active AMU members. 

The 46 members of our Site Representative Council meet on a monthly basis to debate AMU policy, and vote on motions which determine the direction of our Union.

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