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There is no Union without U!

Whether your application got lost on the way to us, you forgot to sign up (or sign it), misplaced the form, or you are a fee payer ready to become a full member, joining is as easy as filling out the form below and mailing or emailing the form to us!

Benefits of Union membership include complementary life, death, or/and dismemberment insurance, various resources and supports available to you for different life events, financial services, legal counsel/representation, and discounts from various businesses and travel related services and expenses.

Membership Form:


Instructions for filling out Membership Form:

1. Fill out your personal information.


2. Membership Information:

Your local association is: Asociación de Maestros Unidos

Your Employer/School District is: Green Dot Public Schools California

Indicate your hire date. If you cannot remember, August 1st of the year you were hired is a good default. 

If your teaching job at Green Dot is your full-time employer, they are your primary employer. Check off YES.

Job title: Counselor or SUBJECT AREA teacher (ex. History Teacher).

Building/Work Site is the school you work in, for example: Animo Leadership, Animo Ellen Ochoa, Animo Ralph Bunche, etc.

3. Teaching assignment information:

If you are a full-time employee or employed at least 61% of the time, you are a category 1 member; Check off the first box. 

If you are employed less than 61% of the time, please choose the appropriate percentage outlined per category.

4. Sign and date at the bottom (we cannot enroll you as a full member if your application is unsigned). If you fill it out online it will automatically be sent to Green Dot's HR Department, CTA's Membership Department and AMU's President.

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