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Amanda Pfeiffer


I’m currently in my 7th year teaching here at Green Dot, my first 6 years being a part of Animo Western, and my 7th year being a part of Animo Florence Firestone. In my years with Green Dot, I have worn many hats in order to support teachers, students, and staff. I have served as an ILT Math Department Chair, Grade Level Leader, Calendar Committee, School Council Advisory, New Teacher Mentor, and Demo Teacher.

I graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a major in liberal studies, and a minor in math. At the time, there were very few vacancies in the field education, and thus very few people were being hired. During this time, I tutored and taught math on an abacus to elementary and middle school students. Five years later, I met a teacher who worked at Animo College Prep Academy who recommended me, which led to my first teaching job at Animo Western.


I was incredibly grateful to have a job in my chosen profession. However, my first year was definitely tough. The time I used to have for social activities disappeared really quickly, I got sick way too often, and didn’t get the much-needed sleep for my job. But with the support that I had from my fellow teachers and A.M.U., I was able to understand the boundaries of the contract and create better systems within my classroom. All of this support from my union and the union members have helped me create a more sustainable career throughout my years here at Green Dot.


The time that I have spent with the organization has shown me that there is much-needed support around teacher sustainability throughout the organization as a whole. Each year this has become increasingly hard with the growing challenges that continue to impact our campuses and the communities we serve. I am thankful to be a part of the E-Board so that I can become a more supportive member to all campuses and all A.M.U. members as A.M.U. had done for me each and every year