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Welcome to AMU's new website!

September 5th, 2016

Over the next year, we are hoping to build an AMU you can be proud of!

As the work AMU will do gears up this month, our organization is challenged with making the theory behind our words and our mission statement a reality. How do we promote social justice? In what ways do our actions match our words? We are hoping to make this year a year of first for AMU when it comes to making our Union accountable to our membership, action oriented, and presenting our members with a cohesive vision of where and what we want AMU to be.

For the first time, AMU has convened a Budget Committee which, for the first time, has given our membership (and not the Eboard or the Site Rep Council) a direct voice in how our budget (which is built off of your union dues) is set, how much we spend, and what we spend our money on. Thank you to Kate Rowley, Amy Razo, and Raquel Laguna for taking on the challenge to keep AMU accountable.

For the first time, direct membership voice has prioritized additional funding for AMU grants; Dues dollars AMU returns to you to support your professional growth through PDs and conferences of your choice.

For the first time, AMU has prioritized within its budget, funds to directly support our students and their college-for-sure futures by creating (pending site-rep approval) two $1,500 scholarships open to Green Dot seniors.

For the first time, AMU has an online presence that reflects the professionalism of the teachers and counselors we serve. Our new website is easy to use, reliable, and can finally serve as a resource we can all lean on, go to, and use when needed. Take some time to explore its features! 

For the first time, AMU intends to send out a consistent, monthly newsletter that not only aims at building a bridge of communication with our membership, but celebrates and spotlights the work we do.

For the first time, we have AMU leaders who are intent on leaving AMU better than they found it by pushing for term limits for executive board officers, holding Union officers who are paid with your dues dollars accountable, developing and encouraging new AMU leaders and setting a new professional standard for how AMU conducts itself.

Your AMU Executive board and your site rep council look forward this year to making AMU an organization that is meaningful to you, your students, and engages in work other than bargaining and grievances. We must become an organization that is truly collaborative, professional, and works unendingly for social justice.

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